Super Trishuli Hydro Power Project

  • STHPP is a Run of River type project with Dam Toe Powerhouse arrangement.
  • Mainly comprises of a Barrage of 182.6 m length between abutments, 24.5m high with surface powerhouse at the toe of the barrage having a short tailrace channel, switch yard with GIS.
  • Located at about 100km west of Kathmandu on Prithvi highway.
  • Licensed to Blue Energy Ltd. on BOOT basis for 35 years.
  • Has three bulb type turbines, each of which is 33.3MW.
  • With gross head 21m, design discharge 725m3/sec annual energy will be 498 million units.
  • About 18.8 km long 220kV double circuit transmission line to New Markichauk substation of Nepal Electricity Authority is a part of the project.
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